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    Our narrow focus translates to well planned, cost efficient audits.
  • broad range of Accounting services

    Your Time is Important

    The key to respecting your time is to go through the learning curve once - not once every year.
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    We are able to offer advice and solutions for problems that may arise with the administration of your Plan.

Why Dufek & Company?


See how we are different!

Length: 2 minutes

401(k) Audit Specialists!

Our video to the right illustrates the two areas which set us apart:

  1. We are dedicated specialists — 100% of our business is auditing 401(k) plans; and
  2. All work is completed by the owners — Scott and Nancy (both CPA's).

We spent the past decade developing, and finely honing, an audit process with one underlying focus — to provide a quality 401(k) audit in a manner which respects your time.

By partnering with us, you acknowledge your time is valuable! You will no longer spend your limited time training the revolving door of recent college graduates and interns most CPA firms employ. Instead, you will receive continuity in staffing as your entire audit will be performed by the same two thoroughly experienced CPA's every year.

Our 401(k) audit pricing is transparent, and we only need a few minutes of your time to provide you with a fixed pricing quote.