401k audit - Initial request list

Below is an example of our preliminary 401k audit request list of items necessary to begin your 401(k) audit.  Later, detailed samples will be provided for each of our testing areas (i.e., eligibility, contributions, distributions, etc.). 

Annual requests: 

  • Please provide auditor access to the record keeper's online platform.
  • Please request the record keeper provide us with a certified copy of the year-end accounting records (commonly referred to as "the audit package").
  • Provide annual census information and copy of year end non-discrimination compliance testing results.
  • Provide any amendments or changes to the Plan during the year under audit.

1st year requests:

  • Copy of Official Plan Document.
  • Copy of any Plan Amendments and any pending changes to the Plan.
  • Copy of most recent IRS Determination Letter.
  • Copy of Agreement with Service providers (i.e., record keeper, custodian, investment advisor, etc.).
  • Copies of any correspondence from the IRS or DOL (past or present).
  • Copies of minutes from Board of Director or Committee meetings that relate to the Plan.

Using the information above, sample selections are selected for the detailed testing that takes place at your office.



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