401k audit - Detailed sample selections

A typical 401k audit consists of sampling transactions flowing through the Plan.  For each transactional stream, you will be provided with specific information (such as exact participant names or dates) where you will be asked to gather the following information:


  • Copies of I-9's or similar containing employee's hire date, birth date, social security #
  • Term date (if applicable)
  • Enrollment form (if applicable)
  • Opt-out form (if applicable)


  • Final payroll register(s) of year showing YTD accumulators (gross pay, total deferral, etc.)
  • Payroll registers for three pay periods to allow us to recalculate various items 
  • W-2's
  • Deferral change forms (if done online, will come directly from record keeper)

Benefit testing:

  • Request for distribution form
  • Hire date (N/A if all contributions are always 100% vested)
  • Termination date (N/A if all contributions are always 100% vested)
  • Copies of canceled check (both sides)
  • W-4 (or alternative documentation) - something documenting the person was employed

Rollover testing (if applicable):

  • Copy of cancelled check (to prove transfer is coming from another qualified plan)

Loan testing (if applicable):

  • Signed loan request form (showing spousal consent if applicable)
  • Amortization schedule
  • Copy of canceled check (both sides)
  • Value of vested account balance at inception of loan

Investment Allocation Testing:

  • Election forms (or change logs) that show how the participant's chose to have their deferral allocated (i.e., the % going into each mutual fund) as of the payroll date indicated


  • Copy of invoices paid from the Plan

This sample request should be all-inclusive.  You cross off the items as you give them to us.  When you have given us all of these items, your remaining time commitment on the audit is minimal.  
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