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Dufek & Company, LLC is a certified public accounting firm conducting 401k and other employee benefit plan audits.  Formed by the husband and wife team of Scott and Nancy Dufek, we are unlike most CPA firms in that you will deal solely with the owners of the firm.  With many CPA firms, your engagement will be staffed by a revolving door of recent college graduates that may ask many of the same questions every year.  With Dufek & Company, you will have the continuity of working with people you know and trust and will not have to battle a continual learning curve. 

By working directly with the owners, you can also be assured that things will be done correctly the first time through.  This saves your sanity and your staff's time.  There will be no calls three weeks after fieldwork that additional samples need to be selected because the review process happens immediately.  At most firms, your benefit plan audit is treated as an 'after thought' that is squeezed in between profitable engagements and summer vacations.  Consequently, it is of low priority to the most knowledgeable members of the firm.  The entry level accountants that visit you complete their work and then your file can sit for weeks before a knowledgeable manager makes time to review - it is at this time that they discover what they missed and what was done wrong and it is when your phone rings with more requests!

Another major distinction between our firm and other CPA firms is that we are not a full service accounting firm - we only perform employee benefit plan audits!  To demonstrate our commitment, we have joined the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants' (AICPA) Employee Benefit Plan Audit Quality Center.

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